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InfoStroyer ® 301


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Cutting Edge Multi-Media Data Destruction

InfoStroyer® 301 has been evaluated by the NSA and meets the requirements of

NSA/CSS 02-02, High Security Disintegrators and NSA/CSS 04-02, Optical Media Destruction Devices



Destroys All Forms of Media Capacity

Jam Avoidance

Auto Jam Clearing

Self Healing Cutting System

No Oiling

No Expensive Collection Bags

Self Cleaning Air Filters

No Expensive Maintenance Kits

InfoStroyer 301, the ONLY data destruction device to be awarded the prestigious R & D 100 Award


CDs . DVDs . Paper Documents . Punched Key Tape . Magnetic Tape Films . Negatives . Microfilm

ID Badges . Smart Cards . Plastic Credit Cards


Throat Width 9"

Power 220-240V / 1Ph / 60Hz / 20 amps (standard)

50-60Hz switch selectable (standard)

Weight Approx. 350 lbs. / 160 kg

Dimensions (H x W x D) 48" x 36" x 22" / 122cm x 91cm x 56cm

Cutting System, Zero Clearance Single moving part, SELF HEALING

Jam AVOIDANCE Automatic

Jam Clearing Automatic or Manual (operator push-button command)

Residue Collection Internal high performance vacuum, SELF CLEANING filters

Residue Dimension DUST-like particles, smallest available globally


Paper Capacity Up to 30 sheets single pass (8.5 x 11, 20lb)

CD’s, DVD’s Up to 3000 per hour

Punched Key Tape Up to 50 pieces single pass or bunch feed

Floppy Disc (metallic hub removed) 2000 per hour (also destroys plastic floppy case)

InfoStroyer ® 301 Cutting Edge Multi-Media Data Destruction


R & D 100 Award – the ONLY data destruction device recognized as one of the top 100 technological innovations in 2008 by the prestigious Research and Development Magazine. The InfoStroyer 301 revolutionizes data destruction by combining unique technologies to offer high performance, low cost, and minimal maintenance; no other known data destruction technology offers this combination.

InfoStroyer 301 – one single device approved by the NSA that destroys all forms of media without any adjustment or decision by the operator.

High Capacity 
– with adaptive load sensing, the InfoStroyer 301 automatically recognizes amount and type of load fed by the operator and automatically adjusts itself for maximum throughput.

Jam Avoidance 
– automatic self-sensing system nearly eliminates the possibility of jamming.

Auto Jam Clearing 
– system automatically senses, stops and clears jams (also has manual jam clearing push-button command).

Zero Clearance Cutting System 
– constantly auto-adjusted, ZERO cutter clearance for consistently crisp, fine cutting action.

Self Healing Technology 
– automatically repairs the damage if injured by foreign objects that the InfoStroyer 301 is not designed to destroy. The ONLY known data destruction device that can do that.

No Oiling 
– InfoStroyer 301 doesn’t require oiling like many other data destruction technologies.

Residue Collection 
– internal high performance vacuum with Self-Cleaning Permanent 1 Micron air filters. System uses inexpensive plastic bags (can also use with no bags at all) and the air filters never need cleaning or replacing; unlike other data destruction technologies.

Maintenance Kits 
– no expensive maintenance kits are required. InfoStroyer 301 is extremely easy to maintain and is designed in such a way that it can be completely rebuilt in the field using ordinary hand tools.

– a snap-on optional accessory that is NSA approved (EPL listed) to destroy magnetic media. With the MagnaStroyer installed, the InfoStroyer 301 becomes the ONLY data destruction device that can securely degauss AND physically destroy magnetic media in a Single-pass.

– InfoStroyer®, DocuStroyer®, CryptoStroyer® & MagnaStroyer© technologies covered under 14 separate patents: 6,938,844 - 7,090,156 - 7,090,214 - 7,100,852 - 7,111,801 - 7,175,116 - 7,204,436 - 7,240,864 - 7,267,294 - 7,270,282 - 7,334,747 - 7,357,340 - 7,424,981 - 7,427,040