Need Maintenance?

 Your organization is unique. And our Maintenance Plans are designed to give you options as well as flexible payment schedules to meet your needs. See below for our most popular options.  Call today to receive a quote and see what will work best for your organization. 

Maintenance Plans


  • Includes all labor, parts, and supplies.
  • Includes routine cleaning & maintenance. 
  • Includes all supplies except paper


  • Includes all labor and parts.
  • Includes routine cleaning & maintenance.   
  • Excludes supplies*


  • Includes all labor. 
  •  Includes routine cleaning & maintenance.  
  • Excludes parts and supplies*.

*Supplies include consumable items, such as drums, toner, and paper



As Needed. When Needed.  Sometimes it can be more feasible to have service done on your equipment on a Time & Material basis. This option requires no upfront fees and you pay only for the work performed and materials used.  

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