Dahle Shredders

Dahle 20396 High Capacity Shredder

 he Dahle 20396 High Capacity Shredder is designed with the capacity to shred up to 28,000 sheets per day in a short amount of time and fits nicely in company mail rooms or any other

 centralized location. 

Dahle Cleantec 41614 Dapartment Shredder

Dahle Cleantec Shredder

 The DAHLE CleanTEC® 41614 is a German engineered department shredder with an internal fine dust filter. It features a large 45 gallon waste bin, 16" feed opening, and shreds paper to security level P-4 standards. This shredder offers numerous safety and convenience features and fits perfectly in any professional workplace. 

Dahle 20514 MPH Oil-Free Office Shredder

The Dahle 50414 MHP Oil-Free shredder

 The Dahle 50414 MHP Oil-Free shredder is designed to accommodate the needs of most busy offices. It's oil-free, hassle-free, and perfect for destroying marketing plans, health records, and any other confidential information that should not be seen by others. 

Dahle 20394 High Security High Capacity Shredder

 Dahle's 20394 High Security, High Capacity paper shredder is the ideal shredder for large amounts of daily document destruction that requires an NSA/CSS 02-01 approved, Security Level P-7 shredder. It’s capable of reducing a sheet of paper into over 15,500 tiny particles, so small they are impossible to reassemble.